Who Are We

Protech is a company that was started as a small-scale construction business to build bungalows and apartments for close associated of our Chairman. We have steadily grown through the years, earning a high percentage of client recall. We are a team of dedicated, well-trained engineers who manage and execute projects professionally. Having worked with various clientele ranging from small bungalows to corporate establishments and a variety of PMCs, we are confident that we can handle any project to the best of our clients’ expectations.

We have been particularly involved in time bound projects such as schools, colleges, medical colleges and industries. We have the capacity to provide our clients a wholesome engineering and techno-commercial solution.

Our company has experience in various techniques of construction from conventional concrete structures to pre-engineered Steel buildings. We constantly strive to achieve our commitments in terms of Safety, Quality and Delivery by being pro-actively involved in the project life-cycle. You can trust us to provide a whole-rounded solution for your construction needs.